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We’re offering three different bundles, all for a fantastic price. 

basic 3000 :-

The basic bundle. For you who needs an informative website with a contact, about us and start page.

Medium 5000 :-

The medium bundle. This is for you who wants customers to contact you through the website.

Pro 10 000 :-

Pro bundle. For you who needs a platform with e-commerce, contact forms and reservation systems.

Prices are subject to change. Read more on the terms & agreements page


Answers to the most commonly asked quetions. 

We charge you for creating the website, this price is what you can view just above, in the price list. Additionally, there are two fees which you have to pay in order to have a website on the internet. These are the fees for the domain name and the webhotel which hosts your website. Prices varies quite alot depending on many factors but domainnames are usually 140 SEK / years and the webhotels between 49 – 99 SEK / month. 

Vi tar betalt för att skapa din hemsida, de priserna ser du ovan i prislistan. Utöver det så har du två kostnader som man betalar för att få ha en hemsida på internet, det är för domännamnet och webbhotellet. Dessa kostnader kan variera ganska mycket men domännamnen kostar runt 140 / år och webbhotellen mellan 49 – 99 / månaden. 

A webhotel is a business that is offering a spot on their servers for your website, where your site will ‘live’. It’s not possible to host a website without keeping it on a server. 

The domain is the name of your website. All website have a name that your computer can read, but it’s long and inconsistent which makes it difficult for humans to memorize. That’s why you connect a domainname to your website so that it may easily be found, and searched for. Example on a domain name would be ‘’ or ‘’ 

Det är namnet på din hemsida. Alla hemsidor har ett namn som datorn kan läsa, men det är jobbigt för oss människor att memorera så långa osammanhängande kombinationer. Därför kopplar man ett domännamn till sin hemsida så att lätt kan hitta den på internet, tillexempel ‘’ eller ‘’. 

Technically, anyone can build a server but it’s quite a hassle and requires lots of time to maintain, which is two of the factors that you are paying for when choosing webhotel. Other factors that affects the price could be uptime for your website, support, backups, capacity. 

Get in touch with us and we’ll look at the options that you have! We can offer advanced websites using e-commerce, reservation systems and user profiles. Or perhaps you just need a push in the right direction? No questions are silly questions!