About us

Studying Software engineering & management at the University of Gothenburg with 2 years experience in programming, web development & project management

I really enjoyed my six years in the service industry working as a bartender and sales clerk, but iv’e always had a dream of running my own business. Something was missing and i couldn’t put my finger on what it was. 

I decided to take a 30 credit course in economics in 2018 and soon realized how much i value a university degree.

What was missing was something to be passionate about, sure that there was motivation in offering the best service i could and improve my sales techniques but still felt like i needed something that allowed me to develop myself more. 

I started studying IT two years ago and It’s been the most difficult, frustrating headache-prone experience I’ve ever encountered. 

But it is also precisely what i wish to continue working with for the rest of my career, and life. For a neat website, a pretty algorithm or a well developed project-plan is that sense of fulfillment ive been searching for. 

I’m convinced that with my competences and solid communication, you and I will be able to develop a great product that we both can take pride in! 

Looking forward to hear from you!

Fredrik Ullman , Founder & Developer


To develop a product that both you and I can take pride in. 


To offer  products that are 100% satisfactory.